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Michael’s first passion was designing and building homes.  He went on to successfully establish himself as an award-winning designer and renovation consultant.

This work led him to develop a keen interest in the real estate market and subsequently he merged his design talents with his real estate skills. 

He effectively represents buyers who want to renovate or add their personal touch to improve their new properties.  His skills also provide sellers with a wider market because he can suggest renovations to enhance the home.

Michael has been a licensed real estate salesperson for more than 25 years.

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Denis is a bilingual native of Ottawa with more than twenty years experience in real estate and related fields.

He has had an outstanding career with Urbandale Corporation and the Regional Group and was appointed to the Presidents Advisory Council.

Denis has a trusted skill, is knowledgeable and confident when dealing in all real estate transactions. Denis is skilled, knowledgeable and confident when dealing with the simplest to the most complex real estate transactions.

He looks forward to meeting all clients personally, a practice which has formed the basis of a good relationship with many of them who repeatedly request his services.

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When Lada joined Victoria Island Realties, he brought with him 15 years of invaluable experience in the fields of construction and renovation.

As an Independent Contractor in the Czech Republic and Ottawa, Lada has acquired a solid understanding of the issues that affect both commercial and residential clients. This background has been an asset to clients who appreciate Lada for his energy, knowledge, honesty and commitment.

As a homeowner and landlord himself, Lada appreciates firsthand the concerns of buyers, sellers and real estate investors. Lada's full-time commitment to his career is his commitment to his client.  Thinking of a change? Why not consult an expert.

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